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Government of India

पत्र सूचना कार्यालय

Press Information Bureau




Photo Division, an independent media unit meant for visual support for the varied activities of the Government of India, is a subordinate office of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and the biggest production unit of its kind in the country in the field of photography.

Photo Division was established on 6 th October 1959 as an integrated Photo Unit which was renamed as Photo Division in the early sixties. Government of India took a decision to establish this organization in the end of fifties, integrating the photo studio of the Publication Division and the Photo Unit of the Press Information Bureau & D.A.V.P. in view of the importance of the medium for right projection of the development of the country and also keeping in view of eliminating the duplication of the activities.

The Division is responsible for visual documentation and the preparing photographs both in Black & White and Colour initially for both of internal and external publicity on behalf of the Government of India.


The major function of the Photo Division is to document photographically, the growth, Development and the political, economical and social changes in the country and to provide visuals (still) to the media units of the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting and other Central and State Government Agencies, Ministries/Departments including President Secretariat, Vice-President Secretariat, Prime Minister’s Office, Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha Secretariats and Indian Missions abroad through XP Division of the Ministry of External Affairs.

External Publicity Division of the Ministry of External Affairs and the P.I.B get the major chunks of the services provided by the Photo Division. While PIB uses the picture taken by the Division for the day-to day feeding to the Press through Internet, DAVP depends


on the complete visual support from the archives of the Division, which is developed during the last four decades for the preparation/production of various kind of Exhibition/advertising materials to be circulated amongst the large population of the country. On the other hand External Publicity Division of the Ministry of External Affairs takes a major chunks of its production for the external publicity of the Government of India. This includes extensive documentation of the visit of all the Heads of States/Government of Foreign countries and presentation of the albums of the documentation of those visits on the departure of VVIP’s.

The Division also supplies photographs on payment both in Black & White and Colour to the non-publicity organizations and general public through its Pricing Scheme.


Photo Division is housed in Soochna Bhawan, CGO Complex, Lodhi Road, new Delhi – 110003. Besides, Main Office, the Division has also a Photo Unit/Cell functioning at Curzon Road, New Delhi, for providing direct photographic assistance/support to DAVP for their exhibition purpose and also to produce the murals for the use by the Ministry of External Affairs and the Dept. of Post & Telegraph, Ministry of Communication.

The Division is headed by a Director, with one Deputy Director, Senior Photographic Officer, seven Photographic Officers, Administrative Officer, Accounts Officer and technical and non-ministerial staff. For use of Rajbhasa as Official Language, the Division has a Hindi Section with a Hindi Translator (Junior) and Hindi Typist (LDC) working directly under the Director for implementation of Hindi. The present total sanctioned staff of the Division is 110 including its regional Offices and its Unit.

Technical Officers including the Director, Deputy Director, Senior Photographic Officer and the Photographic Officers of this Division have to accompany the VVIPs (Prime Minister, Vice-President etc.) for providing photo coverage of their visit within the country and also the visit to abroad. Division takes up the documentation work particularly the Developmental activities, social and economic changes time to time for enriching its collection for the posterity.

One Officer of the Division accompany the visiting Heads of States and a special Album containing the entire documentation of the visit of the Dignitaries are presented just before their departure from the country, even it is outside the Headquarter.



During the present Plan Year the Division has taken up the modernisation jobs. It has substantially updated its laboratories and equipment for handling different kind of photographic production and assignments in Black & White and Colour both in conventional system as well as the state of art Digital technology at its Headquarters in Delhi. News Photo Network for transmission of images has been installed in the head quarter of the Photo Division, at Soochna Bhawan, New Delhi and the network could be linked from all of its regional offices for photo publicity of the Government activities.

A studio for taking portraits of the Hon’ble Ministers and other important personalities is also located in the Soochna Bhawan Office. In addition to the portrait it is being used for the coverage of the Classical Dances of the important Danseuse and also for taking the picture for the advertising and other publicity material required time to time. Studio (Laboratories) at Curzon Road (Kasturba Gandhi Marg) is mainly meant for the mural work for the exhibition purpose. Life size portraits and Blow-ups are made in this laboratory for the Ministry of External Affairs for the publicity of the visiting Heads of States and also for the preparation of the publicity material of the Post & Telegraph.

Photographs taken by the digital system can be transmitted from any part of the Globe. This is at present being used for the major important activities of the Government particularly for the publicity of the Vice-President, and the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister’s visit abroad.

Division established a Digital Photo Library at its Headquarter for digital storing of the conventional images acquired by the Division time to time. Processing of the transfer of the images from the conventional picture to the Digital Photo Library is also in progress. Images acquired by the Digital System of Photography can directly be taken from its network.

A Digital Printing System with LED II printer is also available with the Division in which bulk work for printing in large size prints are taken up by the Division. Photo Division is also feeding photographs on INTERNET FOR PIB on day-to-day basis.



In the Second year of the present Plan Period, keeping in view of the change in the technology, the Division redesigned its Plan Project emphasising the digitalization of its laboratories and the images available in its archives. In order to do so, during the third year of the Plan period it took up the Archiving, Cataloguing and Digitalisation of the images available with the Photo Division along with converting its laboratories into a digital Lab in phased manner and upgrade the News Photo Network. In addition, Division with programme for its Modernisation, has already acquired the necessary digital camera and the lap tops with V Data Card for the quick transmission of the images directly from the place of coverage.

Till the end of 2005-2006, Division has been able to convert 212545 images to be placed in the Cumulus System as a part of its Cataloguing and Digitalisation of images.




The images which has already been digitized has been put into specific software through which picture can be retrieved. Such digital library is located at Soochna Bhavan. Simultaneously with the launch of the new website, “photodivision.gov.in” the digitized images would be available through the net. News Photo Net work will also be used for receiving the pictures from different corner to be uploaded not only the newly designed Website but also PIB net which will be meant for use to the news person.

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The newly launched Website has got number of component. Firstly the archive images are being put into the net so as to give an opportunity to the people from any corner of the globe to have an access for their research and cross-referencing purpose. The title page has got five icons namely President House, Parliament House, Prime Minister, External Affairs and an Icon for artistic and special feature. Clicking the Icon, one can reach the respective place for the Prime Minister’s pictures, pictures relates to the Rashtrapati Bhavan, Parliament House, External Affairs etc. Artistic and special feature icon will showcase time to time new artistic photograph as well as the important feature taken up by the Photo Division. Such pictures also can be obtained with artistic framing. Entering the Website, the home page will have “the today’s picture gallery” which can be accessed and downloaded. Simultaneously the search of Photo Archives will help the user to reach to the entire collection of the Division.

URL : http://photodivision.gov.in

Other than general feature of the website, most important aspect would be e-commerce.